About VIP Locker

VIP Locker receives, safeguards and delivers your online purchases, made in US stores, as well as your luggage and other belongings during your trips. Services that, by allowing you to save time and money, make us your logistics assistant within the United States.

How does it work?

From your registration in VIP Locker you can reserve, for a period of time, one of our VIP Lockers located in South Florida to receive your Online purchases made at your preferred stores within the United States. Our web page will allow you to view, in real time and through our photographic record service, the reception of your purchases, making it, in addition, very simple:

  • Check the condition of your products,
  • Manage its eventual return,
  • Schedule the withdrawal in person or third-party authorization, as well as
  • Coordinate its shipment to an address inside or outside the United States.

During your stay in North American territory, VIP Locker safeguards your belongings in our secure facilities and with qualified personnel, through our VIP Locker Baggage service.

Obtain your address in VIP Locker

VIP Locker in 4 simple steps:

  1. Free sign up
  2. Get your VIP Locker
  3. Send us your purchase / Drop off your luggage
  4. Schedule your pickup / Delivery


Online Purchases

Multi Package

Created for those purchases that require more time and storage space at a lower cost.

Per Package

The right solution for off purchases, which demand less time and storage space.


Developed for the safeguard of luggage and other objects, allowing you greater mobility, while you travel through the American Union.

To Buy is easy

Facilitate your purchases online, by consulting the VIP Locker listing, containing the main stores within the United States.

VIP Locker TIPS: Do not complete your purchases without previously verifying the return options offered by the online stores of your choice.

When making your purchases online, use the address assigned by VIP Locker once you have completed our registry process.

VIP Locker TIPS: Do not forget to take advantage of the free shipping service to local addresses or discounted prices, which can be offered by the online store chosen for your purchase.

Use the VIP Locker Pre-Alert service to:

  1. Streamline the allocation of purchases in your VIP Locker.
  2. Display your pending reception packages within our warehouses.

VIP Locker TIPS: Always have on hand the tracking number, the name of the currier and the estimated delivery date offered by the online sales pages. Verify that the delivery date is of your complete convenience.

Our website allows you to:

  1. Monitor, in real time, the reception of your purchases.
  2. Order the checking and verification, by means of photographic registry, of your product’s condition.
  3. Support you with the management of an eventual return of your purchases.

VIP Locker TIPS: During the shipment of your purchases to a third party, inside or outside the United States, check with the recipient the delivery of the package (s), even though the parcel company informs that it has been delivered at destination.

Schedule your delivery

Making use of the schedule that VIP Locker puts at your disposition:

  1. Plan the withdrawal date of your purchases.
  2. Selection of one of our delivery options.
  3. Schedule personal collection, or by authorization to a third party.
  4. Request the delivery to an address inside or outside the United States.