Frequent Questions Luggage Storage

About Luggage Storage

Step 1: Select the luggage storage service.

Step 2: Schedule the luggage delivery.

Step 3: Indicate the number of pieces, their size See Sizes and storage time.

Step 4: Pay online the corresponding amount to your first day reserved.

Step 5: VIP Locker will reserve for your luggage the space selected by you.

All: A suitcase, your shopping bags, a jacket or any other type of luggage. However, you must check our list of restricted articles, as they will not be accepted. (Check list)

Yes. You must take into account that you will incur in additional charges if the weight exceeds 70 pounds (32 kilos) per piece or the maximum established measurements.

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You can take your luggage to any of our authorized agents to find out if there is space available for the time required by you. We suggest, if you are not able to reserve through the web, contact us via telephone in order to avoid the trouble of moving bout and not finding the space required.

30 days. If you require additional time, please contact us.

VIP Locker has available recipients of one (1) cubic foot ft³ for your small luggage (shopping bags, jackets, caps, etc.). Once they are stored in this container, your small packages and other belongings will be considered as a one (1) cubic foot ft³ of luggage.

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As per Luggage Collection

Yes. You can authorize a third party to collect your luggage. Previously, you must send us a digital identification document with photograph, which the authorized person must provide at the time of withdrawal.

You have a time lapse until the end of the working hours of the scheduled collection day.

If you arrive after the agent has closed, you will have to return the following day incurring in possible additional charges.

If you cannot return the following day, may be because you are travelling, contact us to send the luggage to your destination through our VIP Locker Mobile service.

Yes. VIP Locker will refund the time not used after it has deducted 20% for the anticipated service cancellation.

Yes. Absolutely free up to 24 hours prior to the date scheduled for your collection and with full refund of the reservation amount.

If the reservation cancellation is notified in less than 24 hours prior of the date scheduled for the withdrawal, the reservation amount will not be refunded.

Luggage Shipment

Yes. Our VIP Locker Mobile service is available for you to request the transfer of your luggage between our agents’ warehouses or providing personalized delivery.

Additional charges apply depending on distance, weight and dimensions.

Yes. Our VIP Locker Mobile service allows the transfer of your luggage to any destination through commercial alliances with FEDEX, UPS, USPS y DHL among others.