Frequent Questions Online Shopping Storage

Regard your Purchases

In any of the stores listed in the extensive list offered by VIP Locker. View the list by clicking Here.

You can also shop in whichever other on-line store of your preference in the United States

To the address and client number that VIP Locker will provide, once you   have registered on our website.

Customer Name # (Customer Number)
3905 NW 107 AVE STE 102
DORAL, FL 33178

¡Don’t worry!

By joining our service, we will send you an email with this personalized information. You only need to copy and paste.

No. Check our list of restricted items carefully by clicking Here.

By entering your shipping address in the United States, at certain online stores you may receive the following message: “the name of the street or the number appears to be invalid”, or a message asking you to “Confirm” the address. If this happens, try to load the address a second time.

Your customer number is essential to ensure the delivery of your goods. Depending on the store to which you buy from, you may have to enter it immediately after your name or on the first address line. If you receive an error message, try replacing the hashtag (#) with a space.

You can also use the VIP Locker Shopping Assistant Service, contact us clicking Here.

Some online stores in the United States do not accept international means of payment, so you can access our Shopping Assistant Service. Contact us clicking Here.

Yes. VIP Locker offers you a return service so that you can return your purchases before or after the withdrawal of your VIP Locker.

About Pre-Alert

Pre-Alert is a VIP Locker tool that allows you to notify us in advance of the future arrival of your package. When performing a Pre-alert, the package will appear in your online package report updating its status just upon being received.

Shopping on track

Yes. When making your purchases online, ask the seller for the information of the shipping company along with the tracking number of the package, so that you can visualize its transit until the arrival to VIP Locker.

  1. Log in to your VIP Locker user account with your secret password.
  2. Enter “My VIP Locker” section.
  3. Check the package in your VIP Locker, visualizing each of the detail of the packages received:

a. Photo
b. Date
c. Store
d. Dimensions
e. Percentage that occupies within your VIP Locker
f. Weight
g. Tracking number
h. Carrier
i. Observations on your package reception

Yes. Sometimes, merchants sell items located in different stores, or sent at different times, so you could receive two or more packages, even though you only made a single order.

Vendors usually publish tracking numbers of your purchases, letting you know how many packages will be received. For your control, we recommend that you send us your Pre-Alert in advance.

This happens because the packages can take up to 8 hours to be displayed on our site, because of the high volume of shipments we receive daily. If you cannot visualize it after 8 hours, please contact our Customer Service.

About my Locker

The minimum you can contract is one (1) cubic foot (ft³).

We invite you to check our plans Here.

Add additional cubic feet, as many as you need for your VIP Locker.

Click Here to see our Plans.

You will be charged for each additional cubic feet (ft3) according to our current tariffs. Check Here our plans.

Divide the total of cubic feet received (ft³) in your VIP Locker by the amount of cubic feet (ft³) purchased for receiving your purchases.

As many as you wish. The standard plan includes up to 10 parcels for each 4 cubic feet (ft³) contracted at the start of the service.
Click Here to see details of plans.

Yes, paying the corresponding rate for additional packages.

Get to know our plans with a simple click Here

For 30 days. If you require additional days, check our plans and rates Here.

Yes, through our system of alerts you will be notified, in advance, on how many days you have left of service.

Yes. No package can exceed 70 lbs / 32 Kilos in weight. If you wish to receive an item of greater weight, please see our plans and rates.

They will be declared abandoned after 45 days of the first notification (without receiving a response) of the following notifications:

Three (3) notifications:

  1. Five (5) days after expiration of the VIP Locker.
  2. Fifteen (15) days after the expiration of the VIP Locker.
  3. Thirty (30) days after the expiration of the VIP Locker. It is notified that the merchandise is declared as abandoned.

Fifteen days after the third notification the company will dispose of the merchandise, in case of no response or of not having received the surcharge payment corresponding to the delay, if any.

Collect your Purchases

Notify us, with a minimum of 48 hours, the collection of your packages.

You can contract with us the national or international shipment of your purchases. Through the VIP Locker Mobile Services, you receive your acquisitions anywhere you want.

Yes. At the time of scheduling your pick-up, identify the authorized person by adding the image of an identification with a photograph, which will be required at the time of handing over. This process you must be advised 72 hours prior to the collection, in order to avoid a possible fraudulent operation.


Send us your invoice in which the products and their value are clearly specified, as customs will require proof of the purchase value of all the imported products.

If the package arrives without it, VIP Locker will make an invoice, on your behalf, for the shipment to your country.

It is a payment receipt, a document that shows the price of the goods bought, including also, the name and address of the sellers. This can come included in your package or sent by the vendor to your e-mail.

Do it directly to your vendor.

Many automatically include an invoice along with your goods, while with others you will have to request it printed on paper.

If you buy online to a vendor in eBay or particular, you must send an email requesting your invoice in which it shows the name of the vendor and the purchase price.

Special Notice on gift articles: If you have indicated to your vendor that your article is a gift, the vendor will surely include an invoice that will not show the price paid for the article. This payment receipt is of no use for export purposes, for which you will have to request an invoice in order for VIP Locker to be able to export your merchandise.